About Rammed Earth

Rammed Earth (RE) has been used for centuries to build dwellings and monuments in many parts of the world. Many ancient buildings stand today as a testament to the durability of this natural and environmentally sustainable building material. Modern RE is much improved with technological advancements in the equipment used to test, mix, form and compact the material.

NAREBA members build structural RE walls which are engineered to meet or exceed the regional climatic conditions and code requirements. Local soils that have been carefully tested for strength and appearance are mixed with a small amount (5-10%) of Portland cement and water. Layers are placed in special forms and mechanically compacted into stone-like walls. In colder climates a high R-value insulation is embedded within the core of the wall creating a warm, high-mass interior. The result is a healthy, beautiful, natural looking structure that uses very little energy to heat or cool, will last an extremely long time, and will require much less maintenance than other buildings.

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